Letters from the heart 2020

Remember that feeling of receiving a handwritten letter in the post and it not being a bill? The personalisation of a letter, the ink to paper containing information drafted with the intent completely for the reader. Lovely wasn’t it?

When I was a child what I loved even more was writing and sending a letter. Using my new stationery gifted at Christmas to write a thank you letter. Crafting the thank you explaining how the received gift would be put to use. In fact, I just loved writing a letter (and stationery, which is a weakness I still hold).

Collective thank you’s

I think I would need a stack of new stationery to write all the thank you’s that are required for 2020.

Collectively as a country there are thanks and gratitude to so many people who have helped us navigate the year – keeping us well, with food and our children educated.

The good and the not so good

It may not have been my most financially successful year and I haven’t been immune to the rollercoaster of the year, but personally there is so much more that I can give thanks to. 2020 has reinforced my values and priorities – the importance of:

  • Communities, friends and family
  • Health
  • Helping and making a difference to the lives of others
  • Great mindset practice, and
  • Following your passion

I acknowledge that I like to plan, don’t like commitments to change and that I need to continue to build a plan b (c and d) into my life. The need to focus on what is within my control. I do though celebrate my strength that I have shown this year and how I’ve used it to help others around me and will keep remembering this when times are tough again.

Reflection is good as it helps us acknowledge what went well, what we can learn and how we can grow.

My personal thank you’s

If I was to write some personal letters of thanks and gratitude this year, they would be addressed to

Consultancy clients I’ve continued to have the pleasure of working with and thank them for the work they do to change and support the lives of vulnerable communities

Coaching clients who have gained self-belief, reduced their fear and broken down the barriers that were in place stopping them achieve. I’m so very proud of them opening up, trusting and working with me and investing in themselves

Office builders after 14 years you have provided me with a little space at the bottom of the garden for my work. Going from working alone to having 3 others in the house during lockdown, this space has been a salvation

Communities in so many guises – the Freelance Fundamentals community, family and friends. I am so very grateful for the friendships and support that have been formed virtually this year.

2021 – what will I make my priority? The first one is buying some new stationery. Afterall, I think after the isolation and video calls of 2020 we all would benefit from a few more handwritten letters dropping onto our doormats?

‘Remember to celebrate the milestones as you prepare for the road ahead’ Nelson Mandela

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