A strategy is just a document collecting dust without the right mindset to deliver it

What is the value of having a strategy, vision or goals if you haven’t got the right mindset to implement them?

In my consultancy I am often brought in by organisations, services and partnerships to develop a strategy. After nearly 25 years of writing strategies I have this down to a fine art and I could just write one to the clients’ brief, take my money and say job done.  However, my precursor always to writing one is that I don’t want it to become a ‘dusty shelf document’.  The thought that the vision, aims and objectives aren’t put into place leaves me feeling that actually the job isn’t done!

I have found over my years of consultancy that businesses cannot be purely built on a strategy but also require a mindset to implement and develop them.  My clients need to not only own the strategy as theirs but also have the trust and confidence in these visions to take it forward.  I have been coaching clients and partnerships over the years to do this.

As freelancers we are no different to a service or other larger scale organisation.  Our strategy doesn’t mean anything if we don’t do the work on ourselves to have the confidence, self-belief or right mindset to implement and develop our work. The only difference is that as a freelancer the responsibility for having the right mindset firmly sits within ourselves and not a Board, management or staffing team.

So perhaps when you feel that your vision and strategy isn’t moving forward then it is worth considering is it that your mindset is holding you back?  Ask yourself these questions –

  • Do you lack self-belief?
  • Do you trust and can you make decisions?
  • Have you the ability to say no or do you like to please people?
  • Have you the confidence to negotiate and ask for what you are worth?
  • Are you good at being visible and have the confidence for example to network, send emails, make telephone calls?
  • Do you suffer from imposter syndrome?
  • Do you lack clarity and feel out of control?

These are all things that can limit our abilities as freelancers to achieve the success that we want from our work and also personal life.   Confidence is FUNDAMENTAL to freelancing. Having a level of clarity, trust and self-belief to move forward your freelancing business. As the CEO of your freelancing business it is our responsibility to invest in ourselves to ensure that we have the right mindset to implement our vision and strategy.

Nicola Hughes is a freelancer for over 14 years.  She provides consultancy in service development and improvement and is also a Confidence Coach.

As a Confidence Coach she provides one to one confidence coaching to freelancers to help them look at their life and work with a fresh perspective, identifying what is holding them back and support them in moving forward to identify and achieve their goals. Please get in contact for a chat about how she can support you – hello@freelance-fundamentals.co.uk

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