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Support. Guidance. Advice. 

They were our aims one year ago for Freelance Fundamentals.  We knew we wanted to create a platform that enabled freelancers to share and support each other and a place that we can impart our joint 24 + years’ experience.  But one year in, what have we learned?

In our ‘day jobs’, we both work in research and have clear plans and outcomes for what we want to achieve. Our planned outcomes weren’t as stringent for Freelance Fundamentals.  Our initial intention was to set up a range of platforms to support our aim, plan some key messages and then see if this was something other freelancers found helpful.

We aren’t creatives, social media or marketing experts or copywriters but we are freelancers with  a long track record on solo working. We set up at a time when freelancing was less common and understood than it is now. There were fewer independent people (and especially women) in our field to compare our pricing against; there were no networks  beyond those the suited and booted business breakfast types; social media wasn’t commonplace; there were few co-working spaces; and certainly no apps to support our work.  

We would meet (in the reception of a hotel just off the M1!) over the years as ex colleagues and now freelancers to talk through common issues, mentor and coach each other, and sometimes even bid and deliver work together.  We knew the value that we gained from this support – guidance, tricks of the trade and as others started out in freelancing we would be asked to relay these.  So came the time when we finally thought ‘why don’t we share all the benefits that we have gained further?’ And what better day for two female freelancers than International Women’s Day, on 8 March 2019, to establish Freelance Fundamentals and our website, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn all went live!

Over the year many of you started to join us (thank you!), interact, advise each other and we were featured in Forbes.  We have had some fantastic guest blogs from @Annie_Writes_ and @KarenFcoaching, We’ve even had freelancers make a connection through our group, and come together to provide freelance work for one another! But also, personally, we have gained so much from doing this.  Getting to understand social media a bit better, creating websites and blogs have all been huge learning for us.  We have found that some of our social media platforms engage freelancers better than others. Tumbleweed anyone!! We have seen our ideas and content taken, rebadged and used by others – but that is ok as the message is still getting out there even if it’s not coming from us.  We too have also gained wider support and tips from you!

We have fitted Freelance Fundamentals around our day jobs (and families etc – you know how it is) and they have been pretty hectiv so we haven’t invested the time we thought we might into developing and sharing resources and taking our network to another level.  But that is ok by us, there is always this year. We would love more of you to use us to share your experience and blog and hope that this is also something that there will be more of in 2020.  

We hope that our network provides the experienced support, friendly chat, female perspective and resource for fellow freelancers and helps in your day to day work. Please continue to call out with how we can help and support you as it is highly likely that it will be a path we will have already trodden and if we haven’t then there will be someone in the network that has.  

THANK YOU ALL for joining Freelance Fundamentals, sharing and supporting us and each other and we hope that we can continue to grow together throughout 2020.

Happy birthday to us and happy International Women’s Day! 

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