Have you got 2020 vision?

Pardon the pun, but the year ahead being 2020 isn’t it only right that you have a clear ‘2020 vision’ for your business? 

It may be that you feel January is the best time to set your goals for the year ahead but why not do it now, so that you can go into the New Year all set and ready to go with a clear focus on what you are aiming for.

You might think it’s a bit over the top to develop a vision as a sole trader/freelancer. But why not? As a freelancer you need to be just as clear, if not clearer, about what your vision is than any other business or organisation. 

Visions are about setting your aspirations. Where does your work fit and what do you ultimately want to achieve? A vision gives you a goal and from there you can work out your action plan on how to get there which will include key milestones, marketing, networking, training that will be needed to achieve your vision. 

The vision may well change as you evolve as a freelancer and grow your business, but it provides you with a path that can direct you day to day, week on week, and from month to month.

Visions will be different for each of us.  For some, the vision may be about how you want to develop your business and deliver value to clients, for others it might be about personal goals – the achievement of a level of income, the creation a different work/life balance, or how you aim to develop as a freelancer.  There are no right and wrong visions. It’s your goal. 

So, perhaps as 2019 is drawing to an end, it is worth starting to have a think about what your aspirations and priorities are going forward to ensure that you go into next year with a clear 2020 vision!

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