Freelance learnings from September

Can you remember your summer holiday or has that relaxed, sunny feeling faded?  I know, it doesn’t feel long since we were talking about getting back into the working routine post the summer and yet the actual summer feels so long ago!

How to press the re-start button

Hopefully by now you are all back into your usual work routines.  It can take some doing after taking time off or having the children around which often means operating on a reduced workload which all affect your usual routine.  It’s all about pressing that re-start button and 1 -refreshing your goals, 2- finding your motivators, 3 – reconnecting with clients and 4 – re-establishing a routine.  It’s not just after summer though when we can find ourselves lacking focus and motivation or just feeling that it’s hard to work and we also need to press the re-start.  So remember,  implement the four-step process and before long you will be back on it.

 Rewarding yourself

Like a new school term, many of us have started new contracts this last month.  It’s an exciting time as well as busy.  Ensuring all the systems are in place so that your work with your client commences in the most positive way and allows you to achieve the client brief within timescales.  

Securing a new contract for me meant a little reward.  Amongst all the busyness don’t lose sight of your achievements.  A coach once encouraged me to treat myself to a reward periodically, recognising my efforts.  At first it felt odd buying myself something but soon I saw the value of rewarding myself and how this supports motivation as well as building positivity towards what you are doing and have achieved.  After all freelancers aren’t in a working world of bonuses and appraisals so it is even more important to take personal responsibility for your own rewards.

Working together

Being your own boss, working under your own direction, can be a key benefit of freelancing.  However, over the years I have also found so much benefit from coming together with other freelancers to deliver contracts.

I have just started a contract with three other freelancers.  I love this as much as my solo work.  I get the opportunity to work on a larger contract and be exposed to different work that normally as a sole trader I wouldn’t have the skills or capacity to deliver.  The co-worker support is also great and I learn so much from the skills and experience of my freelancer colleagues.  If your work allows, explore opportunities for joint delivery with other freelancers, it is a great way to learn and develop your freelance offer.

What is October going to bring?  For Freelance Fundamentals we have lots of great plans to increase our reach, share skills and knowledge, and provide greater support to the freelancing community.  Watch out this month for some guest blogs from some other great freelancers who have kindly agreed to share their skills and knowledge with you.

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