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Hello from Freelance Fundamentals

Hi and welcome!  We are Kate and Nicola, two fellow freelancers and pals for 19 years.

As two freelancers for the last 13 years we have grown quite a bank of advice, learnings and ‘work hacks’.  We often get asked, what works for us and it was with this in mind that we have decided that we would share it on a wider platform.

About Us

HELLO – I am Kate and I have been running a multi-hyphen career for 10 years.

I have a background in criminology and worked for years in academia, the voluntary sector, and with countless public sector organisations advising on crime reduction and making communities safer. I have worked for starts up, as a sole trader and as a director of a social enterprise so I have picked up a thing or two along the way about running your own business. I now combine a part-time post in a University with my own strands of freelance consultancy work.

HI THERE – I’m Nicola and I’ve been running my consultancy business for the last 13 years.  I’ve learnt so much during this time resulting in so many gems of information and advice as well as efficiencies that can help others working like me on a freelance basis achieve their goals.  I want to share some of the things Ive learnt and continue to learn to run a business and be a successful freelancer.


Back to School

Getting back in the flow Is it just me or despite completing my school years some twenty plus years ago, those habits of living by the school year still runs deep?  That feeling of the summer fading like the tan and September being a new start. The need for new goals and, of course, new …

Saying Yes

There has been quite a bit of chat recently about saying no to work. Having a set of principles in place which define whether you take on a piece of work – the big questions include: Will it be profitable? Will you enjoy it? Does it play to your skills? Do you have the capacity …

Let’s Connect

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